Counseling Department


The Counseling Department at Gabriel Richard works closely with students and parents for high school, college and career planning.  Onsite college admission and scholarship applications are provided in the counseling office and Internet programs for college and scholarship searches are subscribed to and available for all registered students at Gabriel Richard.



Becca Rosati, MA

(734) 284-1875, ext. 119


Gabriel Richard Catholic High School Dual Enrollment Policy


To qualify for Dual Enrollment, a student must meet the minimum qualifying score on the Explore, Plan, or ACT tests. A student must also have a 3.0 G.P.A. or better in the current quarter.  The guidance director must approve the courses that the student wants to take and it must comply with the guidelines set forth by the State of Michigan. After these requirements are met, the guidance director will write a formal letter from the principal allowing permission for the student to take the course.  After the principal signs the letter, the guidance director will give the student a packet consisting of the letter from the principal, a copy of the test scores, and a copy of the transcript to bring with them to the institution that they have chosen.


Michigan Department of Education PowerPoint



College Search

Students may sign up to attend a virtual college visit using the link below:

An additional college search resource is available at:



Scholarship Opportunities


The guidance department offers resources and tips to help students find and apply for college scholarships.  Opportunities are posted in the guidance department and are periodically shared with students and family via a shared Google drive.  The list is provided here and is frequently updated, so please be sure to check often.  



Financial Aid


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a free application that may be found at  This application is free (do not pay for it).  Students who intend to begin college in the fall of 2018 should fill the application out as soon as possible. 


Parents, please note:  It is important to fill out this application even if your student's education is already fully funded.  Most scholarships will require a student to file the FAFSA.  The FAFSA will also qualify student for loans which they can deny if they do not need.


College Sports Eligibility


Students who plan to play college sports must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse or the NAIA Eligibility centers as soon as possible upon entering high school.  Click here for details.