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Class Reunions


To post an upcoming reunion on the Gabriel Richard Catholic High School website, please contact Fran Gosen, director of marketing and alumni relations, at

Class of 1973: 50 Year Reunion

The Class of 1973 celebrated their 50 year reunion on Saturday, September 16, 2023 at the Bentley in Wyandotte.  If you missed the reunion but would like to connect with your classmates, please contact Darlene (Payne) McCaffery at

Class of 1978:  45 Year Reunion

The Class of 1978 will host a 45 year reunion on Friday, October 6 at the Wyandotte Boat Club and a tour of the high school on Saturday, October 7.  For more information, please contact Sheri (Sutherby) Fricke at 734-552-6077 or Mary Jo (Barnosky) Heck at 734-775-1009.

Fran Gosen.jpg

Fran (Lemanski) Gosen ('87)

Director of Marketing and

Alumni Relations

(734) 284-1875, ext. 114

Class of 1978 Reunion.jpg

Class of 1983:  40 Year Reunion

The Class of 1983 is planning activities for the weekend of October 13 and 14, 2023. 

For additional information, please contact Sue (Duffy) Carey at  Additional information is available here.

Class of 1988:  35 Year Reunion

The Class of 1988 is planning for a fall reunion.  For additional information, please contact Kirk McFee at or Kim (Russell) Meszaros at

Class of 1972:  

50-Year Reunion School Tour (2022)

Class of 1983 Reunion 2023.jpg

Throughout the year, Gabriel Richard hosts several fundraisers and events that provide great opportunities for classes to join us.  The Food Truck Rally on June 3 and Reverse Tailgate are cost-effective ways to host a hassle-free reunion and do not require a minimum guarantee.  To discuss holding a reunion at a GR event, please contact Fran Gosen or Adrian Kowal at (734) 284-1875.

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