What is Scrip Fundraising?


Scrip is an easy and convenient way to fundraise while you shop.  Scrip gives families another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks and credit cards.  Scrip gift cards also make great gifts.

















Here's how it works:


Families buy SCRIP gift cards through our school's Scrip program.  Gift cards are available for hundreds of national and local retailers including Meijer, Kohls, Target, Walmart/Sam's Club, Marathon, Applebees, Subway, Tim Horton's and many more.  


Both our school and our families earn a percentage of every dollar spent on the gift cards.  Families' profits are calculated in February and applied toward the March tuition payment.  


How can I buy Scrip?


Families may print Scrip order forms using the link provided.  To order, complete the form and enclose it with payment (cash or check made payable to Gabriel Richard SCRIP) in an envelop marked SCRIP, and drop it off in the school.  Orders will be filled and sent home every other Friday.


Families may also shop online 24 hours a day at  To set up a family account, please contact our school Scrip coordinator to obtain the GR Enrollment Code).  Families may also set up PRESTO PAY (a secure ACH debit process that electronically debits funds from your savings or checking account).  With PRESTO PAY, certificates are emailed directly to you within minutes.  Families may also use PRESTO PAY to reload cards that are reloadable.


What is MyScripWallet? is the mobile website for and is supported by iPhone or Android devices.  Users may access the site by opening the browser on their phone.  Login to MyScripWallet using the same username and password as your account. Redeem Scrip directly from your phone for retailers who allow it.


For more information, please our SCRIP coordinator at (734) 284-1875.



GR Enrollment Code:

To obtain our school's enrollment code, please contact our Scrip coordinator by clicking here.