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Chrome@home Day is a home-based online learning day.  Chrome@home Days benefit our students by providing an opportunity to continue learning without schedule disruption.  Gabriel Richard may institute a Chrome@home Day due to inclement weather, or for any reason in which the school facility is closed for attendance.


In the event of a school closing, the school principal, Mr. Joseph Whalen, will alert families via SchoolReach, indicating whether Chrome@home Day is in effect.  According to the Chrome@home policy:


  • Teachers will post all assigned work and activities with clearly-defined deadlines via FACTS SIS (RenWeb) by 10 a.m. of the designated Chrome@home Day.

  • Students are responsible for checking both FACTS SIS and their school email accounts to view assigned activities and class communications.

  • Students are responsible for bringing textbooks home with them when there is warning of inclement weather.

  • Teachers will check email periodically throughout the day in support of students.

  • Students are responsible for completing all assigned activities within the teacher-specified timeframe.

  • Uncompleted assignments/activities will be considered missing work.  Late work for unexcused absences will not be accepted.


If a student is sick and is unable to participate in assigned Chrome@home Day activities, a parent should contact the teacher(s) via email by 10 a.m.  The student will received an excused absence and will be responsible for completing all Chrome@home Day activities upon returning to school.

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