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Kelly Rose, M.S.Ed.

Department Chair

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Bryane Kuzava, M.Ed., BS


Mathematics Department


The mathematics program at Gabriel Richard challenges the mathematically-talented student while providing a solid foundation for all students. Freshmen are placed in math courses based on their performance on the High School Placement Test, prior grades in mathematics, and teacher recommendation.


Courses offered include:


Algebra I

Honors Algebra I


Honors Geometry

Algebra II

Honors Algebra II


AP Precalculus

AP Calculus*

Probability and Statistics

AP Statistics

Financial Literacy

For a complete description of these courses, please refer to the Course Curriculum Guide.


Graduation requirements:


Four credits of mathematics are required for graduation.  Mathematics is required during senior year.


*Students who intend to take AP Calculus in their senior year must either have completed a full year of Algebra I in the eighth grade or take Honors Algebra II and Honors Geometry concurrently their sophomore year.

Mike Padlo, MA, BS

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