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Imagine a classroom without walls.  


While technology will never replace the need for great teachers, we believe that technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational.  Students at Gabriel Richard Catholic High School participate in our 1:1 Technology Program.  Research indicates that 90% of student activity on the computer is web-based.  Chromebooks provide our students with the tools and connectivity they need to support their unique learning styles.


Why Chromebooks?


After considering all of the options, Chromebooks were selected as the best device solution for our students' needs.  Chromebooks:


  • Have a quick start-up time (under less than 8 seconds).

  • Have adequate screen and keyboard size.

  • Require little maintenance.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Google Apps.

  • Have offline access capability.

  • Come with automatic system and virus protection updates.

  • Are affordable.

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