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Christian Outreach


At the very core of Gabriel Richard Catholic High School's existence is its Catholic identity. Our school is rooted in Christ and His mission of compassionate love and service to others.  We strive to live this Christian call and we have provided numerous service outreach opportunities for our students over the years.  Students affirm their commitment to Christian service by engaging in service each school year. 


We recognize that Christian service has two aspects:


  • Charity, which attends to immediate needs, such as providing food or shelter 

  • Justice, which attempts to repair underlying causes of the problem, such as writing to legislature to enact laws that bring a more just situation into being.





A minimum of 12 hours of service per school year (sophomore, junior and senior year) is required for graduation.  Freshmen are expected to give a minimum of six service hours, beginning their second semester. We realize that freshmen might need time to adjust to high school and its academic and social challenges, so their service expectation is less than that of upper classmen.


Service hours are to be turned in using the Outreach Verification form provided by the Campus Ministry Department. Students may choose service projects offered through Gabriel Richard's service coordinator or make their own arrangements for service with the assistance of their parents, church, youth group, or local service organizations.  At least 24 hours of the 42 required hours must be direct service to the needy or working for justice. Summer service will be counted toward the next school year's hours.


All School Service 1 St. Leo Soup Kitche
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