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Christian Outreach


At the very core of Gabriel Richard Catholic High School's existence is its Catholic identity. Our school is rooted in Christ and His mission of compassionate love and service to others.  We strive to live this Christian call and we have provided numerous service outreach opportunities for our students over the years.  Students affirm their commitment to Christian service by engaging in service each school year. 


We recognize that Christian service has two aspects:


  • Charity, which attends to immediate needs, such as providing food or shelter 

  • Justice, which attempts to repair underlying causes of the problem, such as writing to legislature to enact laws that bring a more just situation into being.





A minimum of 12 hours of service per school year (sophomore, junior and senior year) is required for graduation.  Freshmen are expected to give a minimum of six service hours, beginning their second semester. We realize that freshmen might need time to adjust to high school and its academic and social challenges, so their service expectation is less than that of upper classmen.


Service hours are to be turned in using the Outreach Verification form provided by the Campus Ministry Department. Students may choose service projects offered through Gabriel Richard's service coordinator or make their own arrangements for service with the assistance of their parents, church, youth group, or local service organizations.  At least 24 hours of the 42 required hours must be direct service to the needy or working for justice. Summer service will be counted toward the next school year's hours.


The campus minister will meet with all students at the beginning of each semester to help students plan their service projects.  Some of the service opportunities provided through Campus Ministry include:




Adopt a Grandparent

Students choose a resident "grandparent" at Rivergate Convalescent Center whom they visit weekly.


Circle of Service

Students assist elderly with yard or household chores.


Snow Angels

Students assist elderly in their neighborhood with snow shoveling.


Maplegrove Children's Day Camp

Students work with children whose lives have been impacted by chemical dependency, mental illness or family stresses.


Religious Education

Students teach or assist in religious education classes in nearby parishes.


Soup Kitchen

Students serve meals to the hungry at soup kitchens in the community.


Care Bake

Through lunch-hour bake sales, students raise funds to provide support to our local soup kitchens and food pantries.


Crop Walk

Students participate in the annual Downriver CROP Walk to raise funds to help alleviate hunger at home and promote development overseas.


Bethany Mission in Appalachia

Students spend a week at Bethany Mission in Pennsylvania, living simply, sharing in prayer and community, and reaching out to the elderly or those in economic need.


Relay for Life

Students participate in the annual Riverview Relay for Life to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and show support for those whose lives have been touched by cancer.


Earth's Friends

Students help our Earth by recycling paper.




Amnesty International

Students write letters monthly on behalf of prisoners of conscience throughout the world.


Freedom House

Students spend a day at Freedom House, a refugee shelter in Detroit, where they share with people fleeing persecution and seeking asylum.


Hunger Awareness Week

Held each year during Lent, activities are aimed at raising awareness of hunger at a global and local level. Funds raised through CARE and pizza sales this week are used to provide support to a local soup kitchen or food pantry.


Mission Week

Held during the week leading up to Mission Sunday in October, activities and/or presentations are aimed at raising awareness of missions throughout the world and our own call to be missionaries. Funds raised through CARE and pizza sales are used to provide support to our sister village in El Salvador.


Camp Crosstown

Sponsored by Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, this camp brings teens of various ethnic racial, religious and socio-economic backgrounds together for a week in the summer. They share the richness of their diverse backgrounds, and develop leadership and communication skills needed for building true community in our diverse world. Gabriel Richard students are encouraged to attend.


Project Diversity offers our students an opportunity to meet and share with students of various cultures and faiths through Diversity Club activities and through joint outreach opportunities with Muslim, Jewish, and other teens.

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