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Loretta Sovel, BA

Department Chair

Social Studies Department


The Social Studies core courses offered at Gabriel Richard fulfill the Michigan Merit Curriculum graduation requirements.  During their three years of core study, students gain historical, political and economic knowledge while enhancing critical thinking skills and developing a global perspective on past and present issues.


Most students choose to broaden their Social Studies knowledge through the department's varied elective courses.  By graduation, students have a solid foundation in the social sciences and are well-prepared for success in further study at the college level.


Students who intend to enroll in Advanced Placement Social Studies courses should begin their Social Studies classes during their freshman year.


Course offered include:


World History and Geography

Honors World History and Geography

US History

AP US History

American Government (Semester)

AP American Government

Current Issues in Social Studies (Semester)

AP European History

AP Human Geography

Economics (Semester)

History in Film (Semester)

The Holocaust (Semester)

Psychology (Semester)

AP Psychology

Sociology (Semester)

U.S. - The War Years (Semester)


For a complete description of these courses, please refer to the Course Curriculum Guide.

Nathan Merchak, BA

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