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Gabriel Richard Catholic High School

15325 Pennsylvania Road

Riverview, MI  48193

734-284-1875 Phone

734-284-9304 Fax


Administrative & Business Staff



Joseph Whalen


Administrative Assistant to Principal

Sherry Berecz


Administrative Assistant

Lisa Rinker

734-284-1875, ext. 110

Attendance Officer

Karen Kuzava ('80)


Dean of Students

Robert Czarnecki

734-284-1875, ext. 113


Business Office

734-284-1875, ext. 111

Interim Director of Admissions

Fran Gosen



Director of Advancement

Adrian Kowal, JD, LL.M.

734-284-1875, ext. 116

Director of Marketing & Alumni Relations

Fran Gosen ('87)

734-284-1875, ext. 114


School Counselor

Rachel Vitale, Director

734-284-1875, ext. 119

Computer Systems Specialist

Michael Greig

734-284-1875, ext. 132


Athletic Director

Kris Daiek



Administrative Assistant for Athletics

Jennifer Smith

734-284-1875, ext. 140


Director of Facilities and Transportation

Leonard St. Pierre

734-284-1875, ext. 124


Driving Directions

Gabriel Richard Catholic High School is located on Pennsylvania Road in Riverview, between Allen Road and Fort Street. Northbound travelers may take I-75 to the Dix-Toledo Exit (34). 

Southbound travelers may take I-75 to Northline (Exit 37) or Eureka Road (Exit 36).

Faculty Listing (Listed Alphabetically)

Andre Civil, World Languages Department


Brittany Dimmitt, Music Department

Ann Faoro, Science Department


Anna Fedor, Art Department

Kristen Guglielmetti, Language Arts Department


Erin Holmes, Theology Department

Cliff Jackson, Theology Department

Bryane Kuzava, Mathematics Department

Joseph Lemieux, Physical Education Department


David Lopez, Language Arts Department


Gabriela Loria, Science Department

Carina McGraw, World Languages Department

Mary Pat Michalzuk, Business Department


Mike Padlo, Mathematics Department


Tanner Parmentier, World Languages Department

Kelly Rose, Mathematics Department

Kyle Rutkowski, Social Studies Department

Bonnie Smith, World Languages Department

Loretta Sovel, Social Studies Department

Anne Wenderski, Technical Literacy and Campus Ministry


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