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Honors Courses & Advanced Placement


Gabriel Richard Catholic High School offers 14 honors classes and 15 Advanced Placement courses.  All courses, including the Advanced Placement courses, are taught in the classroom.


Honors courses offered include:











Advanced Placement


Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level classes that students may take while still enrolled in high school.  AP courses are often very challenging.  Scoring well on an AP exam can allow students to earn college credit.  


AP courses offered at GR:













Why should I take an AP course?


Scoring well on an AP exam not only indicates to college admissions officers that you can handle rigorous academic offerings, but can help you save on college expenses as well.  Currently, 90 percent of colleges and universities offer college credit for qualifying AP exam scores.  These credits can help save students thousands of dollars in college tuition, fees and textbook costs.


To see specific colleges' guidelines for accepting AP scores for credit, visit the CollegeBoard's AP Credit Policy database at

Honors Algebra I

Honors Algebra II

Honors American Literature

Honors Biology

Honors Chemistry

Honors Composition 10

Honors English 9

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Honors Geometry

Honors Human Anatomy & Physiology

Honors Precalculus

Honors Spanish III

Honors Spanish IV

Honors US History

Honors Western Civilization

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AP American Government

AP Art History

AP Biology

AP Calculus

AP Chemistry

AP Computer Science

AP English Language

AP English LIterature

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AP European History

AP Human Geography

AP Physics

AP Psychology

AP Spanish

AP Studio Art

AP US History

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